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What’s wrong at the Pond? 

The broken dam and equipment cannot be fully repaired while water is flowing. The pump must be turned on manually everyday in order to keep raising the Pond level, which had dropped 3 ft. but is now up 2 1/2 ft and still rising.

Come March, when the Cottonwood Ditch shuts down for its own maintenance, efforts will be needed to replace broken piping, both above and below ground, as well as repair the dam that holds water in the retaining pond and the retaining pond itself. It's going to take no only manpower but money to make the repairs. If you care about the Pond with its waterfowl and fish, please keep this in mind!

The problems at the Pond actually start farther down the waterflow system. Years of neglect, erosion and other damage, as well as parts just wearing out, have severely impacted the ability of water from the Cottonwood Ditch to reach the Pond. Our Maintenance guys are hard at work trying to correct what they can and minimize what they can't. Here are some photos of what they are working with:

We have lots of folks come by the Pond to feed the ducks and geese bread and chips. This is harming the waterfowl!

Thanks to Sherry Twamley, we've collected about six 50-lb bags of feed for the ducks and geese, but we need volunteers to help set out the food daily. If you can help, please contact us at 928-646-6505 or VVPOAYAVCTY@OUTLOOK.COM. And Thank You!

Help Save the Ducks and Geese!