(C) 2017 Verde Village Property Owners Association

          The Association, like a city council, requires money in order to conduct business. Along with permit and transfer fees, our primary source of income are the annual dues. Our dues are small, only a voluntary $40 per calendar year for property owners, not much in the overall scheme of things.

          And like any other governing body, the VVPOA needs support and input from its residents and other property owners. We need Members, those to have paid their dues, to serve on the Board of Directors and chair various Committees designed to improve the quality of life here in Verde Village.

          Even if you choose not to be a Member, we still appreciate the help and support of all our Volunteers, those who cook and serve the food at our Friday Night Dinners, who serve as Pool Monitors during the summer Members Only Pool season. We need folks to help maintain the grounds at the Club House, the Duck Pond and the River Walk. We need YOU!


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